7 Reasons I Love Using Uber For Transportation

Uber has taken cities all over the world by storm.  For example, Uber in Toronto is absolutely killing it now that the council has approved Uber friendly regulations that allow Uber to operate with ease.   A lot of people still haven’t signed up for Uber becasuse they simple aren’t aware of the benefits.  Here’s why I think you should sign up (you can also find free uber codes online quite easily, and I highly recommend you sign up through them to get a free first ride to experience Uber).

Reason 1-

Uber is affordable.  UberX is the cheapest version of Uber, and the fares are easily 20% lower than those of taxi cabs.   This means you end up saving a significant amount of money if you use cabs regularly.

Reason 2-

Uber is easy to use.  With a couple of clicks your Uber is on the way.  You can input the address of the destination which is a great feature because it allows you to easily get to an address you don’t know that well without the confusion that typically happens with a taxi cab.

uber in toronto

Reason 3-

Uber pickup times are significantly faster than those of cabs.  If you call a cab to your house, typically you need to call a few providers (because they’re very bad at picking up their phone), and then it takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes.  With Uber, it takes around 4-7 minutes, and you don’t have to call.  All it takes is a couple of taps on your phone and your Uber is on the way.   Far better than calling an unhappy sounding middle aged on the phone who doesn’t give a crap about you.

Reason 4-

Its easy to recover lost items.  With Uber, the trip information is available on the app.  You know the license plate and name of the car you were in.  It’s very easy to contact the driver in case you lost something.  Also because of the Uber rating system, drivers make sure to give customers excellent service.  On the other hand, cab drivers typically provide a low quality service that just doesn’t do the job.

Reason 5-

Better customer service is another great reason to use Uber.  Uber drivers are typically friendlier, speak excellent English, and oftentime offer free water or mints to customers.  Because of the rating system, good customer service is encouraged.  Additionally you meet a lot of interesting people through Uber, as most Uber drivers work part time.  I’ve met many people in my industry through Uber.


County Fairs and Design- Best Practices

Running a county fair isn’t easy.   There are dozens of considerations that make profitability difficult, and this is also a reason why many county fairs are subsidized by local governments.

One of the biggest considerations that affect whether your county fair will be successful or not  is the quality of design of your fair.  County fairs need to appeal to both kids and adults, and thus cater to both parties.  The design of the stalls is important, but so is the branding material (web site, flyers, etc.)

Make Sure Stalls Have Excellent Design

Be sure to paint your stalls in bright colors, Miles from Greater Toronto Painters told me that one of the biggest factors in whether a stall does well or not is the color used.

The Top 5 Country Fairs in America

Annual state fairs, which are large state-sanctioned versions of local agricultural shows or country fairs, are usually held in late summer or early fall to promote state agricultural products, including livestock. For most people, going on a trip to the state fair is still as much a tradition as 4th of July fireworks. During the outdoor celebration, young and old meet to watch or join in the livestock and farm produce competitions as well arts and crafts contests, enjoy rides, live music and performances, and indulge in the best home-cooked dishes the state has to offer.

Readers of USA Today were polled in the selection of the following as the top 5 best state fairs in America for 2015:

minnesota state fair

  1. Minnesota State Fair (St. Paul) – Held from 21st August to Labor Day in early September, the mega event ushers in the nation’s second largest but best-attended state celebration on offer. The state fairgrounds, adjoining the University of Minnesota’s Saint Paul campus, are in Falcon Heights, midway between the state’s capital city and Minneapolis. Here visitors are treated to a variety of shows and live performances ranging from the State Fair Talent Contest to the traditional five kilometre milk run around the university campus. The state fair’s slogan is “The Great Minnesota Get-Together.”
  1. Iowa State Fair (Des Moines) – Celebrated over 11 days in August, it is one of the largest state fairs in the country. Located at East 30th and East Grand in Des Moines, the fairgrounds are spread over 450 acres, including 160 acres of campsites. The main attractions include the legendary Butter Cow and other butter sulptures made by Norma Lyon and Sarah Pratt, a 10-acre midway, a double Ferris wheel, one of the world’s largest livestock shows, the country’s largest state fair foods department with more than 900 classes, the state’s largest arts show, along with over 600 regular exhibitors.


  1. Eastern States Exposition (West Springfield, Mass.) – Also known as the “Big E,” it is billed as “New England’s Great State fair”. It is the largest agricultural event on the eastern seaboard and the fifth-largest fair in the nation. Each of the six New England states – Connecticut, Maine, Massachustts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont – is represented at the fair. The event opens on the second Friday after Labor Day and runs for seventeen days. A favorite attractions at The Big E is the “Avenue of States” which contains life-size replicas of the six original New England statehouses along with the New England  Grange House. The buildings feature exhibits and vendors that best exemplify the heritage, food, and traditions of each state.
  1. State Fair of Texas (Dallas) – Held at the historic Fair Park in Dallas, it usually opens on the last Friday in September and ends 24 days later. Traditionally, the centerpiece of the fair has been the annual college football game between Oklahoma and Texas, nicknamed the “Red River Rivalry” that is play3ed in the Cotton Bowl at Fair Park. It also hosts what has come to be known as the Great American Spam Championship, a fun cooking competition involving Spam food products.
  1. Great New York State Fair (Syracuse, N.Y.) – A 12-day showcase of agriculture, entertainment, education and technology usually beginning on the third or fourth Thursday in August, the mega event is the country’s oldest state fair, having been established in 1841. Located on the 375-acre Empire Expo Center in Geddes on the western border of Syracuse, it hosts events including sell-out concerts of well-known national performing artists as well the widely popular Demolition Derby.



How Much Does it Cost to Run a County Fair?

A county fair is a local event often held in the late spring, summer or early fall in the United States. Fairs give communities a chance to show off their farm products, their favorite home-cooked cuisines as well as their unique talents. Indeed, it can be a wonderful expression of a county’s distinct personality. For long-time residents, the county fair can be a nostalgic event. It is also a chance for them to introduce the younger generations to a great American tradition.

Many county fairs have specialized events or exhibitions of local items according to WiseGeek. In farming towns or counties with a significant agricultural base, the fair may offer contests for the biggest produce, the best flowers or the hardiest livestock. Aside from agricultural displays, these county fairs also often showcase arts and crafts exhibitions. These displays may cover lots of artistic mediums, like painting, sculpture, quilt making and photography. But the defining characteristic of a county fair is the carnival, which aside from the rides also offer various games of chance and skill along with acts featuring live performances by clowns, magicians, jugglers, acrobats, among others.

how to set up a country fair

So how much will it cost to run a county fair? That depends in large measure on what part of the country your county is in, how big a space you want to lease to turn into your fairground, your target number of fair exhibitors, the rides and other attractions you want to offer, among others. According to an article published on eHow, you should start planning the event with a visioning session and a budget. Coordinate interested community members to brainstorm about what the fair could include.

It is important to start with the costs and income opportunities. Make your list and attach actual dollar numbers to each line item when you do your budget research. As with trade shows, county fair expenses typically include venue cost, insurance and legal fees, booth setup and accessories expenses, marketing expenses, plus administrative expenses for operations, customer support, grounds maintenance, among others.

electrician in toronto

Of course, you have to set aside some money for electrical and electronic equipment, for electricity and for the daily wages of the licensed electrician who will do the electrical work and the electronic technician who will be setting up and attending to your digital equipment.  We’ve had great success using Toronto based Transfer Electric for our last county fair in Toronto, they are one of the top electrician companies in Toronto.

On the other hand, you may expect to offset your expenses and even make profit from the following revenue streams: attendance or admisson fee, exhibition and vendor fees, revenue shares from exhibitors and vendors, and sponsorships from national and local companies. Fine tune your budget with your vision and expectations for the county fair.

By paying attention to detail, according to eHow, you may very well create an annual event that will become a time-honored local tradition.



Security for County Fairs: How to Deter Would-be Robbers and Pickpockets

There was a time when deterring would-be robbers and pickpockets from victimizing fair-goers was the most important security concern for most county fair organizers. Thus, they typically post “Beware of Pickpockets” signs in conspicous places all over the fairgrounds. They also hire and deploy a small number of private security personnel with specialized training on how to recognize and pick out suspicious behavior or suspicious characters from among a crowd. Some even arrange to have a  security system installed by a locksmith such as 24 Hour Locksmith Toronto, at the booths of participating exhibitors and vendors as well as at the administration offices to protect valuables from the would-be thieves.

Now, priorities have changed. Since the spate of seemingly random and unprovoked shooting and bombing incidents, most organizers of county fair and other special events have taken to putting more focus and resources on providing a more comprehensive security program that would have not only a deterrent effect to dissuade would-be crime perpetrators. It would also come with preventive measures that will intercept the perpetrators along with some emergency plans that would prepare everyone to respond appropriately should an incident occur. Aside from thefts, security concerns now also include potential violence as well as accidents.

security system- locksmith toronto

So how else can county fair organizers deter would-be robbers and pickpockets along with would-be shooters and bombers from carrying out their intended crimes? One way is to increase the level of scrutiny at the fairgrounds entry points. Aside from the customary cursory visual inspection, they can arrange to have their security personnel carry out physical inspection of packages and physical pat-downs along with the use of magnetometers and/or hand-held metal detectors and contraband-sniffing dogs. By carefully screening items brought into the fairground, the risk of serious injury can be lessened if potential weapons or potential burglary tools can be brought in.

Security personnel should also carry out close surveillance of such security-critical places in the fairgrounds like parking areas and loading docks, VIP and media areas, exhibit areas, food and refreshment stands, the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, among others. CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras can be installed for crowd-monitoring.

ferris wheel at fair

Other deterrants for potential criminal behavior include restricting alcohol sales within the fairgrounds by posting a security guard near the alcoholic beverages vendors. Entry may also be refused for those already visibly intoxicated, along with other known troublemakers in the community. Those already exhibiting disruptive behavior at the fairgrounds may also be physically escorted out by the guards. Additionally, some level of visibility by uniformed security personnel can provide a deterrent effect. Some event organizers have been known to prevent violence merely by positioning more uniformed officers at entrances as a show of force. Aside from the uniformed security officers, fair organizers can use volunteers as ushers or stewards to watch out for and report on any potential perpetrators of crimes.